About Wicked Engineering, LLC

Wicked Engineering, LLC was founded in 2016 by owner and President Paul McGarr.  Our primary focus is our CUREbox UV post-curing chamber.  CUREbox was born out of necessity, but quickly became our passion.  Wicked Engineering, LLC was, and still is, a product development company.  Paul spent twenty plus years as a research and development engineer for the biotech industry.  He applies the knowledge he accumulated during that time to product development projects that we take on.  One such project was an internal one that unintentionally led to the CUREbox product.

In 2016 desktop stereolithography (SLA) was just getting started, thanks to Formlabs who had just released their Form desktop 3D printer.  We were quick to order one to use for prototyping our designs, but immediately after ordering we realized there was something missing.  There were no proper UV post-curing devices available at a price point that made sense for the young and still emerging industry.  What started as an internal project to build ourselves a post-curing unit to use with our new 3D printer, turned into a business opportunity and the rest is history.

Wicked Engineering, LLC was the first to the market with a full featured post-curing device for the prosumer SLA market.  Our focus on quality and service has allowed us to grow into an internationally recognized brand by little more than word of mouth.  We are proud to design and manufacture our product right here in New England.  We stand behind our product and our customers are genuinely happy.

As we look to the future, we plan to continue to provide quality solutions to our existing and new customers in existing and new markets.  We hope you’ll join us.