Features and Specifications

CUREbox UV Post-Curing Chamber

CUREbox Plus UV Post-Curing Chamber

UV Post-Curing, Taken Seriously.

Those who demand the most from their 3D printed parts understand the importance of post-curing. Properly cured 3D printed parts have mechanical properties far superior to those that are improperly cured. Proper post-curing requires precision equipment with a specific wavelength and intensity light source, time control, and temperature control. Anything less is just not good enough. Unfortunately, post-curing equipment with these capabilities is simply not available at a price even the most demanding consumers are willing to pay. Until now.

Maybe you're an engineer trying to get improved material strength properties. Possibly you're a dentist looking to provide the best possible care for your patient. Perhaps you're a jeweler hoping to perfect your investment casting process. Heck, you may just be a perfectionist like we are. CUREbox does not discriminate.

CUREbox has presets for popular Formlabs resins.

CUREbox Plus has presets for popular NextDent resins.

Easy to use - Glove friendly touchscreen control

One touch presets make Curebox a cinch to operate. Put your part in the chamber, choose your resin, and press run. That's it. Walk away. There is nothing more to do. When the temperature reaches the set point, the curing process begins. When the curing process is complete, everything shuts off for you.

If you're the type that likes to tweak settings, don't fret; there's a custom mode just for you. It's all about choice.

Temperature control - auto start and stop

UV is just part of what it takes to get a good cure. Often overlooked is temperature. CUREbox has temperature control to give you the absolute best properties from your SLA part. Curing doesn't even start until the chamber reaches temperature. No need to wait for the chamber to reach temperature, CUREbox will wait for you. CUREbox Plus has improved heating technology, bringing the chamber up to temperature 4X faster than CUREbox.

Large capacity chamber - Transparent work surface

At 12" x 12" x 6.25" (x, y, z), much larger than our competition, CUREbox can handle multiple or large parts with ease. Perfect for professional workflows. The elevated clear polycarbonate work surface permits UV coverage from all sides, and even the bottom of your part. CUREbox Plus has a tempered glass work surface with even greater UV transparency and improved cleanability.

Silver reflective panels - Not just shiny

The inside of the chamber is lined with highly reflective (>98% total reflectance) panels. Made from material imported from Italy, these panels are engineered to work with the specific wavelengths inside the chamber, providing very high efficiency and uniformity of radiant energy. The result is a more even cure and increased dimensional stability. CUREbox has highly specular (shiny) reflectors. CUREbox Plus has diffuse (matte) reflectors. Both offer >98% reflectivity, but the diffuse reflectors in CUREbox Plus provide an even higher level of uniformity.


CUREbox is a labratory grade, clean room friendly product

Laboratory grade build quality - Clean room friendly

You'll find little plastic on CUREbox. The enclosure is manufactured here in New England of premium powder coated and silk screened 16 gage steel. Fasteners are all 303 grade stainless steel. Handle and hinges are CNC machined and powder coated 6061 grade aluminum. CUREbox is fit for use in a clean room environment, right down to the glove-compatible resistive touch screen. CUREbox is built for work and you'll feel that the instant you remove it from the box.


  • Touchscreen UI

  • Status Indicators for Heat, Lamps, and Door

  • Large Chamber

  • Laboratory Grade Construction

  • International Power Compatible

  • One-Touch Presets

  • Customizable Settings

  • Timer Control (5 Minutes - 12 Hours)

Temperature Control:
- Off, 30 - 80 C (CUREbox Plus)
- Off, 30 - 60 C (CUREbox)

Auto Start and Shutdown
Long Life, Replaceable UV LEDs
Simple Operation
Safety Interlock


LED Wavelength: 365/405nm (mixed, simultaneous)
LED Output: 36 watts
Power Input (choose at checkout):
AC 110-120V 50/60HZ 3A
AC 220-240V 50/60HZ 3A
Chamber Size: 12 x 12 x 6.25in (300 x 300 x 160mm)
Unit Size: 12 x 12 x 10.25in (300 x 300 x 260mm)
Unit Weight: 22lbs (10kg)
Shipping Size: 16 x 16 x 14in (406 x 406 x 355mm)
Shipping Weight: 25lbs (10kg)

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