CUREbox Frequently Asked Questions

This is a common question. You're probably here for a reason. If your printer uses SLA (stereolithography) technology, whether laser or DLP type, the answer is probably yes. Common printers of this type are Formlabs' Form, SprintRay's MoonRay, Autodesk's Ember, Kudo 3D's Titan, and B9 Creations' B9 Creator. Post-curing is recommended for most resins and required for some.

The short answer is yes, CUREbox supports virtually all of the photosensitive resins on the market. If you do not see your resin listed, please check with us, but here is a list of popular resins supported by CUREbox:

  • Formlabs
  • Autodesk
  • Spot-A
  • B9 Creations
  • NextDent
  • SprintRay

If you are a resin manufacturer and would like your product listed here, just let us know.

Well, to put it simply, post-curing finishes the curing process that the 3D printer started. Generally speaking, when parts are removed from the 3D printer they are not fully cured. They can be tacky to the touch and not as strong as they could be. The post-curing process bombards the part with UV light at the wavelength that the photosensitive resin reacts to. This environment of UV bombardment is a luxury the 3D printer does not have, simply by design.

We like to think everybody, but it is probably more realistic to say those who need to get the absolute best from their 3D printer benefit the most. CUREbox was designed specifically for engineers, but is also very well suited for the jewelry and dental industries. Engineers like the fact that post-curing provides significantly higher tensile strength and flexural modulus. Jewelers like the consistency it brings to the sensitive burn-out phase of the casting process. Dentists use it because post-curing is simply a requirement of many dental resins. Unsure if it is right for you?  Let us know what you are doing and we'll help you figure it all out.

Yes we do. If your country is unavailable during the checkout process, please contact us. Countries will be added as requests demand. We are very responsive to these requests. CUREbox is designed for international use and will ultimately be available virtually everywhere. Please note the following for international shipments:

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER for Orders shipping OUTSIDE of the Unites States of America!

International customers assume the responsibility of paying for all duties, import taxes, or any other fees levied by their countries of origin, which are associated with their purchases from Wicked Engineering, LLC. International customers are also responsible for adhering to the regulatory standards of their countries. Wicked Engineering, LLC is not responsible for any products that are detained by local authorities. Wicked Engineering, LLC cannot offer legal counsel on the import policies or the import requirements of international countries. By making a purchase from Wicked Engineering, LLC, international customers are accepting that they are solely responsible for any potential risks or costs associated with the import of the Wicked Engineering, LLC product.

CUREbox will work around the globe, just choose your voltage requirement (115V or 230V) at checkout. If you are unsure of the voltage requirement for your country, just ask us. We're happy to help.