UVC LED Module 4.5W 275nm 4-Pack

Wicked Engineering

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NOTE: These LED modules are NOT for post-curing.  They are provided in response to an overwhelming number of customer requests.  If you are using these lamps for COVID-19 disinfection purposes, please note that we cannot recommend them for this purpose.  We have the equipment to test and measure the radiant output of the lamps and we will provide that, and related information as soon as results become available.  We do not have the capability to directly test the lamp's effectiveness at destroying the COVID-19 virus.

Alternate UV LED modules (set of four) for CUREbox.  These 4.5 watt (each), snap-in LED modules emit 275 nm (UVC) light.  They have rotating bases and are alternates for the LED modules that ship with CUREbox.

NOTE: UVC will NOT penetrate the glass (CUREbox Plus) or polycarbonate (CUREbox) work surface.  Keep this in mind when arranging your work piece in the chamber.

Please remember to rotate the modules towards the center of the chamber after snapping into place.  Also available individually.

Information on lamp life is available here.

CE Compliant