What is CUREgel?

If you've ever had a print that stayed sticky no matter how long you post-cured it, then you've already met the pesky oxygen inhibition layer. The oxygen inhibition layer is is a thin layer of resin that does not completely cure due to the presence of oxygen.

CUREgel is an oxygen barrier gel specially formulated by Wicked Engineering, LLC to eliminate this problem.

CUREgel is available now in limited quantities!

CUREgel is an oxygen barrier gel, designed to drastically improve cure quality by removing oxygen from the surface of the model, thereby eliminating the sticky and stubborn oxygen inhibition layer. CUREgel also serves to gather and redistribute stray energy, directing it onto the model and into fine details that would otherwise be shadowed. CUREgel is inert and water soluble so is safe to use and rinses off easily in water. Just spread it on the model and leave it on during the curing cycle. Rinse it off after. It's that simple. It's not magic, but it will sure seem like it.

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