CUREbox Lamp Life

A Note on Lamp Life:

The lamps in your CUREbox are not like traditional lamps.  It is not visibly obvious when they’ve reached the end of their usable life.  There is a period of time before complete failure where the lamps do not emit sufficient power to properly post-cure your model.  It is advisable not to wait until the lamps fail visibly (no longer light) to replace them.  They should be replaced after approximately 1,000 hours.  This translates to about six months in a single-shift production environment.  Change lamps more often in multiple-shift environments or with frequent use of high (60-80C) chamber temperatures.  Change lamps less often in occasional use environments.


If the lamps in your chamber are flickering, even when not in a cycle or when power is removed, they are simply beyond the end of their usable life.  This flickering is typically not noticed until the last of the four lamps have failed.  This does not indicate an issue with your CUREbox, it is typical behavior for a failed lamp to flicker, even after power is removed.


Replacement lamps can be ordered from your distributor or directly from our web store at  It is advisable to keep a spare set on hand to avoid delays in production.